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Are you considering a lease to own as opposed to a finance option on your new vehicle? Edmonton auto loans is networked with many lease companies who offer the lease-to-own options. Have you been turned down before and are looking for vehicle finance options to suit you? leases or lease to own finance options can get even the most difficult auto loan approved. Rebuilding credit is many times the most important goal and leases can accomplish this provided they are reporting to the credit bureau. Usually after leasing a vehicle for 10 – 12 months the positive payments will be reported to the credit bureau and will bring up the credit score. A lease to own option may be the best option to get into a newer vehicle. Some times the lenders and banks will not approve an auto loan if the client has very very bad credit and a lease to own option might be the best option to drive a new car. We help people get approved for a lease to own option.
We have helped hundreds of individuals from Edmonton who got approved through our dealership partners. Lease-to-own agreements require purchaser to make lease payments in a agreed time. After the completion of the lease, the buyer gets the car title and is the actual owner of vehicle.

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