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Car Title Loans Edmonton

Car Title Loans EdmontonCar Title Loans Edmonton. Are you looking to secure a Car Title Loan and live in or near Edmonton, Alberta? Car Title Loans are a way to access the equity or value of a vehicle. If you own a car and a large portion of the vehicle’s current value is paid or utterly paid off, you may get a used car title loan in Edmonton. Even if you still owe money on it, as long as you are in an equitable position, you may qualify for a car title loan today in Edmonton. Apply here for a car title loan in Edmonton. With our easy application and quick approval process, there’s no doubt you’ll have a hassle-free experience.

How Does a Car Title Loans Edmonton Work? 

A car title loan or auto title loan is when you leverage the equity of your vehicle to secure a loan for the current value of the car. The car loan value is usually determined by comparing it to current market values for the same make, model, and trim line vehicles. Once the current market value of your used car is determined, a loan amount can be assessed. It is said to have equity if the appraised value of the vehicle exceeds the amount owed on the car. The equity will determine how much money might be loaned on the vehicle for a used car title loan. Take our program now!

  • Get a Car Title Loan in Edmonton for as little as $2000 and up to $35,000  today and keep driving the car.  
  • Borrow up to 50% of the vehicle’s wholesale value. Wholesale is what a Dealership would pay for your vehicle.
  • No credit check is required, but lower rates usually apply with your authorized credit check.
  • Any year, make, and model of vehicles are eligible, provided the vehicle value is high enough.

Car Title Loans Edmonton Requirements

Vehicles that qualify for used car title loans are usually 12 years old or newer, but older vehicles may qualify as well, providing there’s some value to the automobile. It’s either lien-free or most of the current loan value paid off. The vehicle must also have full coverage insurance. Even Rebuild vehicles qualify for a Title Car Loan. You must be the registered owner. The vehicle must be drivable and deemed mechanically safe. A quick mechanical assessment will be required. A Carfax report that will show any previous collisions or liens. These requirements are usually performed by the Car Title Loan Finance Companies and are included in the financing.

Car Title Loans Good or Bad?

The good thing about securing a used vehicle title loan in Edmonton is that getting approval is quick and painless. You still drive the vehicle while paying back the loan. Competitive loan rates, regardless of credit history. Funds are usually accessible within a day or 2, unlike the bank, which may take some time to process a loan request. Car title loans may help out if there’s an urgent matter. But, it should not be treated as a long-term solution for a short-term problem.

Most title car loans will allow you to pick and choose your financing term. So you can get the loan paid back as soon as possible. Many provinces in Canada have put lending rate rules in place for car title loans, which will protect the people applying for car title loans. Car Title Loans can be a bad thing for you if you get into debt too far. And if you cannot afford to pay back the loan. Read contracts and have a complete understanding of how it works.

Will a Car Title Loan Improve My Credit?

The short answer is yes. A title car loan can be utilized to improve your credit score. However, make sure you ask the lender if they report the payments to the credit bureau of Canada. To boost your credit. You should make payments on time. That means refraining from skipping or missing any loan payments. To estimate your loan payments. Check out the payment calculator here.

You can also get approval for other types of car loans despite your situation or location in Alberta. If you are over 18 years of age and have an income of over $1800 per month, you are already pre-approved. Believe in us and be one of our valued customers. You are on the right hand with Edmonton Auto Loans. Don’t think twice. Let us do all the hard work for you.

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