We push our vehicle hard. Whether you use your vehicle to commute to work every day, drive around town doing errands, or take a well-deserved vacation, we use our vehicle more than ever. Most people want the vehicle that they paid thousands of dollars for to last as long as possible or to keep its resale value. That is why protecting your car with rust-proofing is more important than ever.

You cannot keep your vehicle protected from the elements 100% of the time. You will drive in the rain, you will drive in the snow, and everything in between. Even if you have a garage at home and park your vehicle in a garage at work, your vehicle will still be exposed to the elements. That means that rust or corrosion will happen with your vehicle.

Rustproofing a car is the process of preventing rust through specific chemical applications and services. The protection against rust and corrosion is achieved by applying a barrier between the vehicle’s body and external elements. Depending on the type, it can be used all over your car or only on the underside. It can last up to two years on your vehicle when rust-proofed correctly.

Rust is often caused by corrosion as well as certain climate changes, which result in an acceleration of the corrosion process of the vehicle. Calcium, salt, and other problems related to climate changes affect the bodyshell, and that’s when you start to notice that some parts of your vehicle start to rust. As we all know, rust is harmful to cars because when the vehicle starts to rust, its resistance, as well as its components are affected. It is therefore essential to opt for a rust-resistant treatment, which will allow the corrosion process to slow down considerably.

A vehicle with rust-proofing will have a body that always looks new. Keep in mind that this treatment also lengthens the life of your vehicle and does not allow it to deteriorate too quickly. Here are some of the benefits of rust-proofing and why you need it!

  1. Higher resale value. Rust-free vehicles sell quicker, for more money.
  2. Longer life cycle. Rust-free vehicles last longer mechanically and structurally.
  3. Lower repair costs. Rust-free vehicles have fewer maintenance issues. Mechanical and electrical repairs are often caused by rust. Active rust control products can prevent moving parts from seizing up.
  4. Assist with maintaining resale value. Rust-proofing helps preserve the beauty of your car’s finish and keeps the vehicle’s resale value from decreasing.
  5. Environmental impact. Rust-free vehicles and their metal components can be recycled, thus reducing waste.
  6. You will have a safer vehicle. Rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. Because rust is considered a safety issue, your vehicle will not pass a roadworthy certification with any structural rust.

Most Popular Rust Proofing for Cars in Canada

Rust proofing your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to invest in its longevity and value. Before you schedule your rust-proofing appointment, it’s important to understand the options available and how they stack up against each other. Let’s look at the top options for car rust protection in Canada according to cansumer.


Krown is a petroleum-based rust inhibitor designed to slow down or inhibit corrosion on your vehicle and works as a lubricant on many moving parts. The application takes 45 minutes to an hour, and costs begin at $120. There is also minimal dripping within the first 24-48 hours of application.

Rust Check

Rust Check treats vehicles with a corrosion inhibitor that forms a bonded layer on the surface of the metal. The product acts as a barrier, preventing water and oxygen molecules from being absorbed by the metal. It’s non-drying and will never crack or peel. Costs start at $120 and application takes about an hour. There will be an occasional drippage as well.

Corrosion Free

This option has a higher price tag, starting at $150, but it is drip-free and your vehicle will be done in an hour. It is designed to prevent not only rust but also stop existing corrosion. It prevents damage from UV rays too. Corrosion Free formula can eliminate moisture and is thin enough to penetrate all of the seams and crevices of your vehicle.

Rust Prevention Tips

The following rust prevention tips will keep your car rust-free.

  1. Wash and wax your car regularly. Washing your vehicle every couple of weeks will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on it and waxing it with a good quality car wax at least every four months will keep the paint safe from contaminants. If you wash and wax your vehicle regularly, the chances of it rusting will decrease enormously.
  2. Protect your car against road salt. Road salt causes rust, affecting vehicle mechanics and damaging the undercarriage if left unattended. Cleaning your car free from salt and coating it with a good rust prevention lubricant will prevent rusting of your vehicle as it provides a barrier between the surface of the vehicle and the moisture which is the main reason for rust.
  3. Touch-ups. When you notice any chips of paint, touch them up. You can do it yourself, or if it’s a big job, contact a reputable professional to help you.
  4. Use ceramic coating. Ceramic coating provides your car with a durable protective layer, protecting it from sun damage, oxidation, and various weather conditions.
  5. Keep drain plugs clear. Drain plugs are often overlooked when caring for your car, but checking them can help prevent rust. These plugs can become clogged with debris which will allow water to accumulate. Remember to check drain plugs and clean them out if needed. You can find these under your car doors and along the edges of the trunk and hood.
  6. Keep your car interior dry. When your car interior gets wet, there’s a possibility the moisture will spread to the exterior. To prevent this, thoroughly wipe down any wet surfaces inside your car with a towel and allow the car to air dry.
  7. Protect your car from the elements. Constant exposure to sun, rain, and snow can do a number on your car. If you want to avoid rust, you really should park it undercover.
  8. Continuous maintenance of the car. It is beneficial to do regular maintenance on your car, be sure to remove dirt and mud that sticks to the car after it rains or gets into mud puddles. Cars are prone to rust and if they are not taken care of well, the rust will grow without even noticing it. So, it’s very important to inspect and examine your car regularly to keep it rust-free.

Rustproofing treatment is important to consider if you want to keep your vehicle for more than five years. By having your vehicle protected against rust, you increase its value. This treatment will help you avoid some repairs. Since an untreated car will be subjected to damage that will negatively affect its safety, you’ll gain this benefit by having your vehicle treated. Rust treatment will always come cheaper than any major repairs that need to be made later if rust damage occurs.

It might sound cliche, but prevention is better than cure in this case as well. On the other hand, a car with rust prevention treatment will have a better resale value than one that does not. Potential purchasers will be more likely to buy your vehicle if you guarantee that it has this type of treatment. Therefore, don’t wait until rust damages your vehicle to get rustproofing.

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