Warming Up Your Car in Winter


Warming up your car in Winter! Winter is coming and for those of us with daily commutes, everything seems to take longer. It takes longer to get yourself out of bed, longer to get yourself ready, longer to take your vehicle and get on the road. There’s nothing more horrible than waking up before the sun is even out and climbing into a freezing car. Winter mornings can be tough, we are all aware about it. No one wants to drive their vehicle around the Edmonton area in freezing temperatures, so we’ve put together this short guide on how to get your vehicle ready for driving as safely and quickly as possible when it’s cold.

Don’t let cold weather ruin your day or your vehicle. If it’s taking you too long to get on the road in cold weather, maybe there are steps you could be doing more efficiently or steps you could be skipping altogether. The main thing you’re doing when you let your vehicle run before driving in the morning is heating the cabin for your comfort and safety.

Here’s what you should do to properly warm up your vehicle. 

  1. Make sure your vehicle is in a safe spot, it should be out in the open air and not in a garage as the exhaust can build up while the vehicle is running, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Turn on the vehicle and defroster, it will help clear the window while the engine warms up.
  3. Let the engine run for 30 seconds, this will allow the heater core to pump out warm air. Idling your vehicle for a long period of time is both a waste of money and energy, so you should not idle for more than 30 seconds as it can have a negative effect on everyone around you, including yourself.
  4. After warming up your vehicle, begin your drive and turn on your air, you should feel warm air by this point.
  5. Don’t forget to start slowly and take it easy on the gas pedal for about 5 to 15 minutes when driving in cold weather, otherwise you could stress out your engine before it had time to reach it’s normal performance levels.

Warming up vehicles when it’s cold outside is a practice from over 30 years ago when carbureted engines dominated the roads. Most vehicles built before used a carburetor, a device that combined air and fuel. With these types of vehicles, it was important to let the vehicle idle before driving to make sure the engine ran properly. However, car manufacturers began to phase out carburetors in the 1980’s and switched out for a fuel injection method. Therefore, today’s modern vehicles can handle the cold and no longer need to be warmed up before driving. Electronic fuel injectors can detect cold weather and will release extra gasoline into the gas-air mixture to compensate for the evaporation problems which means the engine is ready to go as soon as it begins running.

There are a couple good reasons to give your vehicle a bit of time to warm up that have nothing to do with the mechanics of the vehicle, rather they have to do with your comfort and safety! When the weather gets cold and snowy, the fluids inside your car’s engine get thick and sluggish. In order for your engine to run, you need to get the oil moving so that all the parts can work together. Letting your engine warm up, even just a little in the winter can make driving a lot easier on your engine.

Nobody likes to sit inside of a freezing vehicle in the winter! Luckily, there are some easy ways to get a car heated up quickly so that you can head to work in comfort. Try some of our tips to ensure your fingers and toes are warm once the freezing temperatures start settling in. When you choose to idle your vehicle to warm it up, make sure to have an eye on it, don’t leave the keys on the ignition as it can be stolen. Many cases like this have been reported all throughout the years.

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