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Are you living in or near Edmonton Alberta, and would like to know the trade in value of your vehicle, or Black Book value of your vehicle? There may be several reasons you are wanting to find out the trade-in value, market value or Black Book value of your used vehicle. Maybe you are considering trading your vehicle in at a dealership, trying to sell the vehicle online your self, or outright selling it to a local dealership? What are some of the benefits of trading in your vehicle at a local dealership in Edmonton, selling it your self online or outright just selling it to a local Edmonton and area auto dealer? Simply post your vehicle information here and you will receive an email with the Canadian Black book value, retail value and a price a local dealer will pay for your car today.

Trade In to a local Edmonton Dealership.

You only pay a portion of the taxes when trading in your used vehicle. The value of the used car trade in is deducted from the overall purchase price of the new vehicle. Example: If you are buying a $50,000 dollar vehicle in Alberta, you are charged 5% GST on the purchase, so the total becomes $52,500 (without a trade in) The GST portion is $2,500. If you have a trade in worth $30,000, then you only pay GST on $20,0000 of the new purchase of $50,000. $20,000 x 5% GST = $1000 in taxes as opposed to $2500 taxes with no trade. Your trade-in total is $51,000 instead of $52,5000. A private buyer would have to pay you $31,500 to equal the deal you would be getting versus trading in the car with a dealer. The higher the trade in vehicle value, the more of the tax savings there are.

Trading in your used vehicle can save you a lot of time on cleaning, detailing, time and money. While some people may have the time to spend vacuuming, wiping, washing, waxing, shampooing, buffing, polishing, and more, many people are just to busy. You can always have the vehicle professionally detailed, but there is a cost. You might also spend a lot of time, taking photos, posting on websites, social media and more to get a potential buyer. Once  you have taken time to field all calls and messages, now you will need to arrange to meet the buyer, and spend more time showing the vehicle, test driving, and so on…  the whole process can be quite expensive and time consuming. When trading in the vehicle at a dealership, they usually look past the small stuff such as how clean the interior is or how current it was through a car wash. Dealers have their own processes in place to detail, recondition and market vehicles. The general public will typically pay a bit more for a car at a dealership than one being offered for sale privately. So in the end it may just make more sense to trade the car in, but that depends on many factors. Do your research and find out. You can trade your vehicle in even if ther is money still owing. Contact us here to find out more or apply now for a trade in car loan.

Sell my car to an Edmonton Auto Dealer

Are you wanting to sell your car quickly and not have to spend a lot of time with private buyers? There are many advantages in selling your car to a local auto dealership. Our dealer network will actually bid on your car live using the Get A Real Offer application. Canadian auto dealers are in dire need of good used inventory and are paying top dollar for vehicles. Simply input your vehicle information and local dealers in your area will put in REAL OFFERS to purchase your vehicle outright. No strings attached, no obligation to purchase, and no questions asked, just a quick and seamless transaction. Most Canadian auto dealers are used to purchasing their used inventory online at auction, social media, or other auto classified websites in Canada. Your information is used only for the purpose and intent of selling your vehicle.

Free Auto Classifieds & Evaluation

Post your vehicle on the Used Car Canada network for free and you will receive a free market evaluation on your vehicle, including local retail market value and Canadian Black Book value. We do not share your information and you are only emailed the results of your vehicle market assessment. Check it out today.

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