Selling a Used Car to a Dealer or Private Buyer?

Selling a Used Car to a Dealer or Private Buyer? The question is what’s better, selling a used car to a dealer or private buyer?, and should I sell my car privately, sell it to a dealer, or trade it in with a dealer? Many people feel selling a car privately will yield the most money in their pockets at the end of the day, and that could be true depending on many variables? There is a lot to consider when deciding how and where to sell your used vehicle. Reconditioning costs, and whether it is worth it? Will replacing the chipped windshield for $300 make it easier to sell and potentially bring you more than $300 more in the sale of the vehicle? Do you replace the tires, do the brakes, change the oil, fix the small dent or paint chip, etc etc… Time is also something to consider when deciding where and when to sell your used vehicle. It will take time to answer emails, texts, and calls from potential buyers. If you have confidence and time to deal with all of these items you will most likely get more money for the used vehicle selling it privately, but it may not be much in the end once you add all the costs of selling your used car privately?

If you have priced your vehicle at an attractive price the phone will ring. You may get all sorts of inquires on a used vehicle from all sorts of different buyers, some dealers may even call you and inquire if you would consider trading your car in for a new one. The higher the asking price, the more you will need to justify the price to the buyer. It is best practice to disclose any and all information in the online ad of your vehicle. That way potential buyers will have less questions and you might end up selling the vehicle quicker.

You may want to do some market analysis and find out what your vehicle is priced at on the market both with dealers and privately. There is usually a price gap between private sellers and dealerships used car values. There are several reasons this is typically the case, but usually the private seller realizes that consumers expect to pay less from a private seller due to many reasons, but mainly risk vs cost. Many times private sellers are selling their used vehicle for a reason, such as its due for maintenance costs like tires, brakes, belts, fluids, or things like fuel economy, remaining warranty, recalls, high mileage, problematic model, collisions, or many other things that motivate private sellers.

Selling your vehicle to a Dealership. There are various advantages to selling your car to a dealership.
 Ease of sale: Selling a car to a Dealership is fairly easy in comparison to selling the vehicle privately. Dealerships dont expect the car to be detailed, and reconditioned. Dealers dont care if there is a lien on the vehicle and have no problem paying it out as they are experienced at doing this every day, as opposed to the private buyer who might get spooked finding a lien on a vehicle. Most Dealerships are established businesses and have established trust and relationships within their communities. You wont have to worry about bounced checks, fraud, scams of any kind or have complete strangers show up at your house wanting to test drive your vehicle, take it to their personal mechanic, show it to their wife, low ball you with an offer after you have taken time to meet them, etc… Dealers will typically give an offer very quickly and not take much of your time. Many times the offer might seem low in comparison the what sellers feel their vehicle is worth. Once you sit down and really take everything into consideration, if may make more sense to sell your vehicle to a Dealer.

Do your research and make an informed decision always pays off. Interested in trading in your car -with a local dealer? Call us at 1-855-227-1669 for a no obligation evaluation on your trade in or Appy Here For A Trade in Auto Loan to find out more.

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