Helpful Car Hacks Each Car Owner Should KnowHelpful Car Hacks Each Car Owner Should Know. We dedicate a substantial amount of time to our vehicles. If you don’t keep your automobile organized and maintained, it can become cluttered, broken, and unsafe. DIY auto hacks, in addition to regular maintenance, play a vital role in enhancing your vehicle. If you aren’t able to visit a professional auto shop and require a quick vehicle repair until your next visit, you can apply various DIY automobile hacks. Here are some great automobile hacks to make your life easier! No more dropped beverages and other messes. These suggestions can help you stay sane and safe while driving.

Nothing is wrong with contacting an auto specialist to handle your car problems, but do some research first; perhaps the problem isn’t that serious, and you might be able to fix it yourself. Hopefully, the following auto hacks can assist you in saving money and making your car experience more joyful.

Helpful Car Hacks Each Car Owner Should Know

1. Apply nail polish for minor scratches.

This may seem odd, but nail polish can be a handy vehicle life hack. If you have a little scratch on your vehicle’s windshield due to road debris or pebbles, adding a small amount of nail polish to the little scrape or fractures will make them vanish.

Nail polish will not disguise severe scratches or cracks. But it’s ideal for minor scratch fixes. Clear nail polish also aids in the repair of minor scratches on the automobile’s paint.

2. Make a trash can out of a plastic cereal container.

Garbage can quickly collect, especially for individuals who have children or travel long distances. If you’re not cautious, wrappers, crumbs, grocery bags, and other dirt can end up coating your floor mats.

Put a plastic cereal container in a convenient location in your vehicle and use it as the designated rubbish can. Instead of picking up individual pieces of trash, you can toss them out when it’s filled. It’s the ideal size, and the cover keeps waste contained. Just line the container with a little plastic bag to keep it clean.

3. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights.

When your automobile’s headlights become tarnished, they might cause serious visibility problems. If your headlights aren’t working in the dark or fog and you don’t need to change the bulbs, grab a tube of toothpaste and a damp cloth. Squeeze a little toothpaste onto an old cloth and scrub each of your headlights. Leave it for 15 minutes. Afterward, dampen the clean part of the rag and wipe it down again. This will assist in removing any muck or insects from your headlights.

4. De-Ice Keyholes

Use hand sanitizer to unlock your automobile if it is covered with ice. Just spritz some in your keyhole and insert your key to help melt the ice.

5. Keep food warm by using your seat warmer.

Have some takeout or bring a meal to a potluck? Put the food on the passenger seat and switch on the seat warmer to keep it warm!

6. Use a plunger to repair dents.

This is an oldie but a goodie. You can do it yourself if you don’t want to pay a mechanic to complete the same job. Bear in mind that this will only help for minor dents. And will not work for severe damage. It is also worth noting that this works with other appliances, such as washers and dryers. It’s simple. Because all you have to do is take a plunger to your car door!

7. Use olive oil or petroleum jelly to shine up your dashboard.

You may use olive oil to polish your dashboard and leather upholstery naturally. Just apply some olive oil to the area using a clean towel. It also smells fantastic! Another excellent option to create shine is to use Vaseline or petroleum jelly. After dusting, apply a little layer of petroleum jelly to give it a lovely shine.

8. Add or remove keys from your keyring with a staple remover.

Rather than fumbling around and possibly breaking your nails or injuring the tips of your fingers, open the keyring with a staple remover and slide the key on.

9. Remove stickers effortlessly with hot water and newspaper.

You can eliminate any sticker from your vehicle without leaving behind the sticky residue the stickers all leave. Dampen a newspaper with warm water and put it over the stickers for ten minutes. They should be much easier to remove, and you can even use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe any remaining residue without harming the glass.

10. Cupcake Liners help to keep cup holders clean.

Dust, crumbs, and other stickiness can build up in a car cup holder. This is possibly the most infamously tough spot of any vehicle to clean. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to keep your cup holder clean. Just place a paper cupcake liner in the cup holder’s bottom. When it becomes soiled, replace it with a new one.

11. Hold your phone with a rubber band.

Using your phone while driving is highly dangerous. Thus it should be resisted all the time. If you don’t have a mobile mount and need to check directions, you can tie a rubber band to your air conditioning vent. Slip the elastic band into the vent’s top and pull half through the bottom. Position your phone such that the top of the rubber band is on the top part of your phone and the bottom is on the bottom.

12. Clean your air vents using a foam craft brush or slime.

For cleaning your air vents, use foam craft brushes. The soft foam at the end of the stick can fit into those small difficult-to-reach spaces and take up any debris or dust that may be there. Dampening the foam will help your car look brand new again. If you don’t have any craft brushes, children’s slime can come in handy for cleaning up difficult-to-reach areas. Its naturally sticky texture is ideal for cleaning your vehicle’s cubby holes and air conditioning vents. Slime can be easily made from household items or purchased cheaply from a dollar store.

13. Attaching a mesh bungee to the interior roof provides additional storage space.

This space can store everything from wardrobe accessories to children’s coloring materials. Those things shouldn’t be on your car floor in the first place, and the mesh is pretty cheap.

14. Use a tennis ball to save your garage.

To avoid hitting the garage wall and scratching the vehicle bumper, hang a tennis ball as parking guidance.

15. Safeguard your vehicle’s door with pool noodles.

To protect your vehicle door from hitting the garage wall. Make a bumper out of half a pool noodle.

16. Make your own Air Fresheners.

To make a natural DIY air freshener. Pour a few drops of essential oil on a clothespin and hang it from an air vent. You may glue some adorable stuff onto it to make it appear finer. Pom poms will also aid in the absorption of essential oils. You may also use dryer sheets; placing dryer sheets beneath your vehicle’s seat can help maintain your vehicle odor-free.

17. Store face wipes in the door compartment.

Putting facial wipes and hand sanitizer in the door compartment is typically a good idea. These are useful for various situations, including unexpected spills and filthy gas station restrooms. Because alcohol evaporates and creates a streak-free surface, facial wipes with alcohol are also ideal for cleaning windows!

18. Clean the windshield wipers with alcohol swabs.

There is dirt lodged on your windshield wipers if they make squeaky noises. Clean the windshield wipers with alcohol swabs frequently to eliminate all dirt and dust. Wrap the swab around the blade and drag it down. The alcohol dissolves the residue that has accumulated on them.

19. Put your automobile remote control against your head to increase the range of its signal.

Yes, this is effective. The science of it is straightforward. Your head is loaded with fluids, and fluids are good communicators. When you press your key fob against your skull, you transform your head into an antenna that can enhance the range of your alarm. It won’t be very far, and you won’t have more than 20 feet of range out of it, but it works.

20. Remove pet fur using a squeegee.

Pet hair might be difficult to remove from fabric seats, but not with this method. Just sprinkle some water on your seats to make them moist. Then, using a squeegee, remove all the pet hair from the upholstery.

21. Clean your tires.

Cover your wheels with a paste composed of baking soda and water to make them look like new. After a few minutes, rinse the paste off, and they’ll be as shiny as they came off the manufacturing line.

22. Store loose change in a gum container.

An empty gum container is another simple way to keep your coinage from bouncing around and tumbling out of your cup holders. They are small enough to fit in a cup holder and may be readily hidden in your console or glove compartment.

23. Shower caddies for on-the-go meals.

It can be a bit untidy if you have to eat on the road frequently. Place a shower caddy in the seat next to you to hold it, and maintain your car spotless and prevent food or drinks from spilling.

24. Make use of suction cup shower caddies.

Buy some suction cup shower caddies and stick them inside your car windows. You can keep plenty of stuff there! Toys for children, an ice scraper, and other items.

25. Polish Chrome

If your vehicle has chrome wheels, spray them with a solution of vinegar and water in equal amounts and wipe them down with a rag. This will give your chrome wheels a nice sheen.

26. Remember to roll down your windows.

When cleaning your vehicle, roll down the windows first. People frequently fail to notice the dirt and filth that accumulates near the top of the window.

27. Streak-Free Windows

Having streaky windows may be immensely irritating, particularly when the sun shines through while you’re driving. You may prevent this by pouring vinegar on your windows and wiping them off with newspaper. This will remove any streaks from your windows.

28. Use tinted plastic sheets to put shade everywhere.

To prevent sun glare, pilots apply plastic sheets to their windshields. You can obtain a similar look by applying the same approach to some plastic sheets like these. The sheets adhere to your window using static electricity from the windshield, so there are no sticky stickers or residue to wipe off. When the visor isn’t providing enough protection from the sun on your face, try this instead.

29. Cover your rearview mirror with a plastic bag.

Ziploc bags aren’t just for storing food; they’re also great for maintaining your vehicle’s mirrors clean in the winter. The covering keeps most of the snow from adhering, and it’s a terrific hack for when you don’t have access to a garage.

30. Create your Tissue Dispenser.

With this amusing DIY method, you can ensure you have tissues on hand. Cut a tiny hole in the lid of an empty but clean reusable coffee cup and stuff some tissues inside. Slip the tissue through the top hole to create a tissue dispenser that fits nicely in your cup holder.

31. To keep your belongings organized, use a laundry basket.

Your car’s trunk is most likely a shambles. Picking up a laundry basket gives you a spot to store all of your belongings so they don’t fly around. You can get one of these for a couple of dollars at the dollar store and no longer have to worry about stuff falling out of your trunk!

32. Make a backseat organizer out of a shoe organizer.

Attach a shoe organizer behind the driver and passenger seats for extra easy-to-reach storage. You may put maps, sippy cups, food, or whatever else you desire can be stored in them. It’s an excellent solution to have some extra storage without taking up too much space.

Final Thoughts!

By exploring the internet, you can learn a lot of things. You can discover numerous valuable techniques to fix problems with your vehicle that will save you time and money. We hope you find these car hacks beneficial. It will help you save money, keep your vehicle clean and tidy, and make traveling more enjoyable. Nevertheless, if there is a more significant issue, you may always get assistance from car professionals and have your vehicle repaired.

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