We spend a lot of time in our cars. Things can get messy, broken, and even dangerous if you don’t have your car well-organized and maintained. In addition to regular maintenance, DIY car hacks play a prominent role in the betterment of your vehicle. If you are unable to visit a professional auto shop and need an instant car fix till your next visit to the workshop, you can make use of certain DIY car hacks. Below are some useful car hacks to make life easier for you! No more mess spilled drinks and more. These tips can help you stay sane and safe on the road.

There is nothing wrong with calling an auto expert to fix your car issues but do some research first before going to an expert, maybe the problem isn’t that big, and you can solve it yourself. Hopefully, the following hacks for cars can help you in saving yourself some money and make your car experience more enjoyable.

1. Use nail polish for small scratches. 

This may sound a little unconventional, but nail polishes can serve as important car life hacks. If there is a small scratch on your car’s windshield because of the occasional debris or rocks while driving, applying a little amount of nail polish to the small scratches or cracks will make them disappear. 

Nail polish isn’t going to conceal really bad scratches or cracks, but it works just right for tiny scratch repairs. Additionally, clear nail polish helps to fix superficial scratches on the car’s paint.

2. Use a plastic cereal container as a trash can

Garbage can accumulate quickly, especially for those who have kids or take long road trips. Wrappers, crumbs, grocery bags, and much more can end up covering your floor mats if you’re not careful.

Keep a plastic cereal container in an accessible area of your vehicle and use it as the designated garbage can. That way, all you have to do is dump it out when it gets full rather than pick up individual pieces of trash. It’s a perfect size, and the lid helps keep trash inside. To keep the container clean, just line it with a small plastic bag. 

3. Clean your headlights with Toothpaste

When your vehicle’s headlights become oxidized, they can cause major visibility issues. If your headlights aren’t helping in darkness or fog and you don’t need to replace the bulbs, snag a tube of toothpaste and a rag. Squirt a little bit of toothpaste on an old rag and scrub each of your headlights, let sit for 15 minutes. Then, wet the clean part of the rag with water and wipe it down again. This will help remove any gunk or bugs from your headlights.

4. De-Ice Keyholes

If you need to unlock your car and you are faced with ice, use hand sanitizer. Just squirt some on your keyhole and work your key in, and it will help melt the ice away.

5. Use your seat warmer to keep food warm

Picking up some takeout or transporting a dish to a potluck? Place the food on your passenger seat and turn on your seat warmer to prevent it from getting cold!

6. Use a plunger to fix dents

This oldie is still a goodie. If you don’t feel like paying a mechanic to do essentially this same thing you can do it yourself. Do note that this won’t work for heavy damage and only for smaller dents. It’s also worth mentioning that this also works with other things like washers and dryers. It’s really easy to do because all you’re doing is taking a plunger to your car door!

7. Polish your dashboard with olive oil or petroleum jelly

You can use olive oil as a natural way to shine up your dashboard and leather interior. Just rub some olive oil onto the surface with a clean cloth. Plus, it smells lovely! Vaseline or petroleum is another great way to add some shine as well. After dusting, rub in a thin layer of petroleum jelly to give it a nice polish.

8. Use a staple remover to add or remove keys to your keyring

Instead of fumbling around and breaking your nails or damaging the tips of your fingers, use a staple remover to open the keyring and simply slide the key right on.

9. Take off stickers seamlessly with hot water & newspaper

You can remove any sticker in your car without having to deal with the sticky residue that they all leave behind. Simply wet a newspaper with warm water and place it on top of the stickers for ten minutes. They should come off much easier, and you can even use a clean, microfiber cloth to remove whatever is left without scratching the glass.

10. Keep Cup Holders Clean with Cupcake Liners

Dust, crumbs, and all sorts of stickiness can accumulate in a car cup holder, which is perhaps the most notoriously difficult to clean corner of any car. Luckily, there’s a trick that can keep your cup holder clean without the hassle. Simply drop a paper cupcake liner into the bottom of the cup holder. When it gets dirty, just replace it with a fresh one.

11. Use a rubber band to hold your phone.

Looking at your phone while driving is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. However, if you need to glance at directions and you don’t have a smartphone mount, you can thread a rubber band through your air conditioning vent. Insert the rubber band through the top of the vent and pull the other half through the bottom. Arrange your phone so that the top of the rubber band is holding the top of your phone, and the bottom of the rubber band is holding the bottom.

12. Use a foam craft brush or slime to clean your air vents

Foam craft brushes are great for cleaning up your air vents. The soft foam at the end of the stick can easily fit into those small hard-to-reach areas and pick up any dirt or dust in there. Dampening the foam can help your car start looking like new again. If you don’t have any craft brushes around your house, children’s slime can be a super useful tool in cleaning up any hard-to-reach places. Its naturally sticky texture is great for cleaning cubby holes and air vents around your vehicle. Slime can easily be made from materials around your house or even purchased inexpensively from a dollar store.

13. Fixing a mesh bungee to the interior roof gives extra storage space.

You can use this space to stash practically anything from clothing accessories to children’s coloring books. That stuff doesn’t need to be on the floor of your car anyway and the nets are surprisingly cheap. 

14.  Save your garage with a tennis ball

Hang a tennis ball as a parking guide trick to avoid bumping the garage wall and scraping the vehicle bumper.

15. Protect your car doors with pool noodles

Use half of a pool noodle as a bumper to protect your car door from bumping on the garage wall.

16. DIY Air Fresheners

Place a few drops of essential oil on a clothespin and place it on your air vent to create a natural DIY air freshener. You can even glue some cute things onto it if you want it to look a little fancier. Little pom poms will help absorb the essential oils too. You can also use dryer sheets, taking dryer sheets and putting them underneath your vehicle’s seat can subtly keep your vehicle scent-free.

17. Keep facial wipes in the door compartment

It’s always smart to keep a packet of facial wipes and some hand sanitizer in the door compartment. These come in handy for so many reasons: unexpected spills, yucky gas station bathrooms, and more. Facial wipes that contain alcohol are also great to use when cleaning windows as the alcohol evaporates, leaving a streak-free surface!

18. Use alcohol swabs to clean the windshield wipers

If your windshield wipers are making squeaky noises, there is some dirt stuck on them. To remove all the debris and dust, clean the windshield wipers with alcohol swabs regularly. Put the swab around the blade and drag it down. The alcohol removes the residue stuck on them.

19. Place your car remote control against your head to amplify its signal range

Yes, this works. The science behind it is quite simple. Your head is filled with fluids and fluids make for a good conductor. So, when you put your key fob against your skull you turn your head into an antenna that can extend the range of your alarm. It won’t be very far, and you won’t get more than 20ft of range out of it, but it does work.

20. Squeegee away pet hair

Pet hair can be tough to get off your fabric seats, but not with this hack. Just spray some water onto your seats so it’s a little damp. Then drag a squeegee along the upholstery to pull up all that pet hair. 

21. Clean your wheels

Make your wheels look brand new by covering them in a paste made from baking soda and water. Just rinse the paste off after a little while and they’ll be all shiny like they just rolled off the assembly line. 

22.  Use a gum container for storing loose change

Another easy way to keep your change from rattling around and falling out of your cup holders is to use an empty gum container. They fit perfectly in a cup holder or can easily be hidden in your console or glove compartment. 

23. Shower caddies for meals on the go

If you tend to have to eat on the road often, it can be a bit messy. Keep your car clean and prevent food or drinks from spilling by placing a shower caddy in the seat next to you to hold it. 

24. Use suction cup shower caddies

Purchase a few suction cup shower caddies and place them on the inside of your car windows. You can store so many things there! Toys for the kids, an ice scraper, and many more.

25. Shine Up Chrome

If your vehicle has some chrome wheels you can spray them is a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and wipe them up with a rag. This will shine up your chrome wheels well.

26. Don’t Forget to Roll Down Your Windows

When you’re giving your car a nice, deep clean, be sure to roll down the windows before you clean them. People often overlook all of the dirt and grime that sits at the top of the window.

27. Streak-Free Windows

Having streaky windows can be extremely maddening, especially when the sun shines through while you’re driving. You can avoid this by spraying your windows with vinegar and wiping it up with newspaper. This will leave your windows streak-free. 

28. Use tinted plastic sheets for shade anywhere

A fun little trick that pilots use is to attach plastic sheets to their windshields to avoid glare from the sun. By using that same trick with some plastic sheets like these, you can achieve much the same effect. The sheets stick on your window using static from the windshield so there are no messy stickers or anything to clean up. When you need relief from sunlight on your face and the visor isn’t doing its job, you can always try this instead. 

29. Wrap your rearview mirror in a plastic bag

Ziploc bags aren’t just for food storage, they’re super useful for keeping your car mirrors clean in winter. The covering helps keep most of the snow from sticking, and it’s a great hack for when you can’t park your car in a garage.

30. DIY Tissue Dispenser

You can also be sure to have tissues handy with this fun DIY trick. Using an empty but clean disposable coffee cup, cut a small hole in the lid and place some tissues inside. Thread the tissue through the hole on top for a tissue dispenser that fits perfectly in your cup holder. 

31.  Use a laundry basket to organize your things

The trunk of your vehicle is probably a mess. If you pick up a laundry basket you have a place to put all of your stuff, so it doesn’t go flying everywhere. You can pick up one of these at the dollar store for a couple of bucks and you don’t have to worry about stuff being loose and rolling around your trunk!

32. Create a backseat organizer with a shoe organizer

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the driver and passenger seats for a ton of extra easy-t0-reach storage. You can put stuff like maps, sippy cups, snacks, or whatever else you want in them. Great way to have a little storage room, and not take up much space.

You can discover a lot of things by browsing the internet. You can learn many useful hacks to fix issues on your vehicle that can help you save time and money. We hope that these little car hacks can be useful for you as well. It’s a great help for you to save money, make your vehicle cleaner, and well-organized, and make your trip more enjoyable. However, if there is a bigger problem, you can always seek help from auto experts and get your vehicle fixed.

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